Sunday, June 3, 2007

I need all my friends to tour with me

I am going to be hosted by some really wonderful authors, reviewers, publishers, please stop by these tours. Every day I will post where I am and hope you will go to the site and check out the host and read my blog, I tried to do a little something different on each one.

'People all over the world, join hands, on the blog train, blog train. The next stop we make will be

June 4 - Vicki M. Taylor
June 5 - The Writer's Life
June 6 - Karen Magill
June 7 - Mary Pritchard
June 8 - Boomer Chick
June 11 - Sylvia Hubbard's How to Love a Black Woman
June 12 - Plug Your Book!
June 13 - Women on Writing
June 14 - Be My Guest!
June 15 - Wanza Leftwich's The Gospel Writer
June 18 - The Book Pedler
June 19 - Be Encouraged
June 20 - Gwynne's Sanctum
June 21 - Marilyn Meredith
June 25 - What I Know So Far
June 26 - The Wolf Never Sleeps
June 27 - Storycrafters
June 28 - Pump Up Your Book Promotion


THE ROUX IN THE GUMBO VIRTUAL BOOK TOUR ' 07 is brought to you by Pump Up Your Book Promotion Virtual Book Tours!

If you are an author and you would like us to set up a virtual book tour, click here for more information!

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