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aambc_banner_01.jpgAAMBC was founded in Feb 2008 by Tamika Newhouse for the main purpose of showcasing the best new black authors. We currently have about 95 devoted members, but several hundred affiliated members. The book club was named African Americans on the Move Book Club because Tamika wanted to start a whole new empowering movement through black literature. That’s why AAMBC’S motto is “Novels that reflect you and me”. Believe it or not our black authors are our voice, so write great stories. We want to get each reader in touch with the Author so here at AAMBC you meet every author chosen for the book of the month.

We will always be open for membership, and we have street team members in six cities

organizing their affiliated AAMBC book clubs. You can be a newly added street team member as well. Contact us at for the membership application and to start a new reading experience. We are co-ed and looking for great men of color.

The main AAMBC chapter is located in San Antonio and other AAMBC chapters are

being created.

AAMBC Radio is a power house radio show that is taking over the internet radio scene.

We have exclusive author interviews with today’s most prominent new authors. We also

show case an African American hero who has made a great impact on our nation. Our most successful show thus far is the Open Mic Shows allowing authors and poets to showcase their talents. Want you join us for a new literary Movement happening on a world wide level. AAMBC Radio is located at

Visit us today on our site to know how to become a member. We

are also on myspace at Join a new Literary Movement

focused on promoting black authors and our communities.
Coming Soon
aambc anthology.jpg


Kiexiza Rodriquez
AAMBC Promotions Coordinator
President AAMBC Springfield, Massachusetts Chapter

Taking on the role as Promotions Coordinator for, I am responsible for the promotions of the site, spreading the word and bringing new readers and authors to the site, as well as being of any assistance to its members in the department of promotions of their works, ideas, outlets and information. Having over ten years experience in the entertainment industry doing street team work, marketing & promotions for artist al across the country this is a great fit for me.
Kiexiza Rodriquez
CEO Black Tiger Music & Promotions
Promotions Coordinator AAMBOOKCLUB.NET


aambc lacha.JPG

Lacha' Mitchell
President of AAMBC, Durham Chapter
I am also an associate minister, and aspiring author. I will be directing the street team by staying in contact with the other S.T. members and checking in to see how their efforts are edifying AAMBC. I will be brainstorming for new projects with the S.T. in order to give us more publicity, and catapult us as readers, writers, aspiring authors, and authors into the next level of our destiny. I will be on the lookout for new S.T. members for recruitment locally and nationally, and will promote and publicize the books of the month and our authors of the month. I will be the catalyst in making connections with authors so that they can be featured on AAMBC's radio show. A monthly segment called the street team update segment is where I will be featured to talk and will be able to give updates monthly on how the team is doing individually and collectively.


My name is Keyonda Campbell and I am the National Spokesman for AAMBC! My past experience in writing professionally will allow me to express and communicate with this group as well as outsiders on the goals and great intentions of this organization.
Some of my duties will consist of monthly press statements for the book of the month, participating on the live radio broadcast, and helping with promotions with the well equip street team. I will also have a Myspace page that will be strictly for AAMBC business. I will announce my Myspace URL tomorrow.
AAMBC has many great things planned for this year and the coming year as well and I will make it my priority to inform and promote these events the best way I know how. I will also update you on other events that we can attend together as a group or separate as we spread the word on our wonderful group and network with readers, authors and future supporters alike.

AAMBC Street Team

The AAMBC Street Team is a dynamic group of men and women who have gathered together to help promote the newly and seasoned black authors. The whole purpose of this group is to expand the fact that African Americans’ do read. Just last year blacks spent 36 million on books, and we are here to continue that trend. Each member who lives within their own city volunteers to get involved within the AAMBC activities and events. Each member is honored and respected and as we grow we will not leave not one member behind. We have fun, read great black novels, attend book fairs, and promote our movement. Visit the main African Americans on the Move Book Club site at for more information on the Book Club itself.

We currently have four AAMBC Chapters in the cities of Fayetteville, NC, Durham NC, Central New Jersey, and Springfield Massachusetts. These chapters host their own local meetings and accept author tour stops. Authors wanting to visit these groups cal email us at and speak with Street Team Director Lacha Mitchell.


Schedule a Radio Interview

All shows are open to all authors and publishers. Because we are a non-profit organization we ask that you donate any amount to our organization to be interviewed on our show. We will schedule a time for you when ever you would like and the interview will consist of asking you about your book and future projects. We are open to any day you would like simply email us to get a date. Our show is in syndication on a 24/7 radio show that reaches 16000 listeners, so spots are filling up. We want to interview you after reading the titles so please send a copy to us and put interview for the submission as follows;

African Americans on the Move Book Club, Interview

2210 Blake rd

San Antonio, TX 78236

We will need a book, contact info, and synopsis. We will also publish a review for you on

Only for interviews will we return your review copies to you, and in this case enclose a prepaid and already addressed envelope and we will return your book to you when our review is finished. To make the donated amount you would like visit our web at and on the main page click the donate link and pay through pay pal. Thank you for your support and all that we do here at AAMBC.

Visit and post your radio comments

Here are the interviews we offer: A Blind Interview:

This is when AAMBC has not read your book, and will interview you anyways. This is the least liked interview because it will be impersonal. We will not know your book. But we will still offer a interview, ask alot of questions, and request history of your life and other projects. So the interview will be just as good. How ever you do not get a book review published online.

A Get to know Me interview:

We have read your book and we will offer a review. This interview will be like a author exposure interview only thing is you will not be the book of the month. I can only promote you to a limit. But with Book of the Month you will get a bigger audience. You will also get a published book review online, since you did a submission


Our main focus is promoting authors that reflect the black community. I would love to have your novel for the book of the month. Please be advised that I do have plenty of authors who request a spot for our month’s selection. You can post your book in our blog here on myspace. Click View all Blogs and it will be the very last one. Wanting to get a Book of the Month Spot Now, do a submission to our office and contact us today. It is on first come bases. Here is a highlight of what benefits you will receive. There is a required $50 donation to be a BOTM. Below is a list of the benefits.

Email Campaign
Online Promotion on Several Sites
Profile on our Website and Myspace Page
You get an exclusive promoted radio Interview on our syndicated show AAMBC Radio that reaches thousands of listeners
There will be group discussions based on your book on our yahoo reading group
There will be several small commercials telling readers about your book on our radio show throughout the 30 days of promotion

YES all of this is done for a donation for $50 to the organization

Here's how to get the next available spot, email AAMBC, complete application, and make your donation. That is all. Look to hear from you all soon.

We have our national street team based in many states within the u.s. that promote your book in their local area. We currently have 18 devoted street team members and 120 members who buy our book of the months. Not to mention the over 2000 affiliated members you on occasion buy our book of the months. Secondly we have four AAMBC Chapters in four cities that have in person meetings and accept author tour stops. We are currently developing two more chapters. AAMBC and all of these individuals promote you and all it takes is a small donation from you. This is a major mile stone for your writing career. Look to hear from you soon

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Friday, February 1, 2008

Marguerite Press Author eTours is on the move

Marguerite Press™

Marguerite Press Author eTours
Marchel Alverson, author of Savor the Sweetness eTours

Savor the Sweetness by Marchel Alverson

Visit Marchel on the Web at: Marchel

There is an old adage; “Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer.” But what happens when your closest friend becomes your greatest enemy? Celeste Gray and Terri Hunter are best friends who seemingly have everything, including a “sacred” orange grove that connects them.

Marguerite Press bringing to the forefront those issues of concern in the literary world since 1996!

Marguerite Press presents the opportunity for all authors to go on tour with "Marguerite Press Author eTours." This concept allows authors to visit different sites which provides an eTour/Virtual Book Tour.

Author Delores "Queen of Promotion" Thornton, Founder/CEO of Marguerite Press traveled to places like Atlanta, Baltimore, New York, Peoria, Cherry Hill, Hartford, San Francisco, Dublin, Ohio; Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, Fort Worth, Birmingham, Pensacola, Fort Wayne, Bloomington, Wilmington, Fort Pierce, Orlando, Muncie, Richmond, IN, South Bend, Chicago, Mobile, Milwaukee, Richmond, VA, Philadelphia, Tampa, Hopkinsville, Detroit, Lansing, Jackson, Ann Arbor, Bellevue, Freeport, Bahamas; Fort Worth, Sacramento, Cincinnati, Queens, Oakland, Springfield, Durham, Columbus, St. Louis, Beaumont, and Cancun, Mexico, promoting literary works. During the tours Thornton encountered fabulous book clubs; participated in fantastic book events, and met wonderful people, some of whom ultimately became fans and friends!

Now every author can go on tour with "Marguerite Press Author eTours" which features a photo, book cover, link to author's site and 35 words of text on high profile Internet sites!!

This venture will provide mega exposure via press releases, email notices and ads in local and national media! Marguerite Press Author eTours will be thirty days per tour. Authors can use their eTour information in Press Kits and mention it in radio, television, and print interviews. For more details please send email to

The high profile sites are listed below:

eTour Stop #1:
Marguerite Press website where avid readers, writers, event planners, and literary organizations will find the Speakers Bureau, and the ever-popular, Around2It Talk Show with host, Delores "Queen of Promotion" Thornton.


eTour Stop #2:
Let's Talk Honestly, a site of African American opinion, poetry, news, and literature all hosted by George Cook host of his weekly online talk show LTH WEEKLY. Join us to check out great poetry and author interviews.

George L. Cook III author of Let's Talk Honestly Vol. 2 A book of poetry and essays on African American Issues Read ebook for free here:

Lets Talk Honestly

eTour Stop #3:
Sexy Ebony BBW African American Book Club is dedicated to reading and discussing literature by black authors. Our goal is to create a forum where readers can explore African American authors and the books they are creating for our reading pleasure. We also want to create a community of readers ready and willing to share their love for reading and just a bit of themselves with like-minded individuals.

Anyone interested in joining can visit our website.

Sexy Ebony BBW Book Club

eTour Stop #4:
SORMAG is the blog to click on to meet the hottest multi-cultural authors hitting the book shelves. We have reviews of their latest book releases and we keep you current on what’s happening in the literary world. The best part, it’s interactive. You can leave a comment for a chance to win a SORMAG goody bag. Click on our link and tell us what you think.


eTour Stop #5:
LeRue Press, LLC
is committed to helping writers publish and promote their work. Writers benefit from both Internet and traditional publishing and promotion including Marguerite Press Author eTours. With a variety of poetry, children's books like "Pick Me, Pick Me!" by Elizabeth Horton, and opportunities to write and be published in the "History of", we invite you to join LeRue Press, and find your voice and your chance to be published.

We here at LeRue Press are thrilled to be a part of eTours with Marguerite Press! And, we would like to offer the eTours authors' books for sale on our site. Our listing service is free. If the author's book sells, we handle the entire process. All they need to do is read and sign our agreement at: and forward a copy of the book.

The agreement lists the terms of sale. We only ask 9% of the sale price (less the Pay Pal fees). Our agreement clearly outlines what we expect. We hope this is a win-win for the author and for us. We hope by including the book along with the eTour, the authors will sell more books!

LeRue Press

eTour stop #6:
C&B Books caters to aspiring and self-published authors who tend to have limited capital and resources. We researched and discovered others who shared our mission. More than just promoting and supporting, C&B is a resourceful research center as well. We refer authors to our network of contacts, such as book clubs, publishers, editors, reviewers, radio stations, public access television, book fairs and expos. Our primary goal includes, organizing book signings, delivering press kits, promotional materials to bookstores, and agents.

C&B Books

eTour stop #7:
Nevaeh Publishing
Dwan Abrams is a full-time novelist/publisher/speaker. She's the author of Only True Love Waits, The Scream Within and Favor (short story appearing in The Midnight Clear: Stories of Love, Hope and Inspiration anthology). Dwan is the founder, publisher and executive director of the newly formed Nevaeh Publishing, LLC. Nevaeh Publishing is a small press independent publishing house. Nevaeh Publishing was established to assist aspiring African-American Christian/Inspirational writers with getting published. Our goal is to become the premier literary Web site for Christian readers and writers.

Nevaeh Publishing

eTour stop #8:
Book Nibbler Reader's Community

So how do you read a good book? One “nibble” at a time! Book Nibbler is a targeted reader’s community currently covering ten genres. You choose what type(s) of book you would like to read and Monday through Friday, we’ll send you a preview—no longer than five minutes out of your day—to “nibble” on. It IS that easy.

Founder/ Cassandra Vaughn

Book Nibbler

eTour stop # 9
Delores Thornton
The home of Delores "Queen of Promotion" Thornton

Delores Thornton

eTour stop # 10
Margie Gosa-Shivers, author of, "Once Is Never Enough"
If you had a whimper of a chance to win back the love of your life, would you grab it? Against all expectations, a Chicago homicide detective who's ready to move for a career with the FBI finds himself wrestling with the notion when he agrees to face danger once more to prove a suicide was really a homicide.

Margie Gosa Shivers

eTour stop # 11
At APOOO our mission is to expose readers of all ages to a good book in any genre; to support African American authors, books, literary events and bookclubs; and, to promote literacy within the African American community.


eTour stop #12
Mocha Readers

Mocha Readers

eTour stop #13
Roux in the Gumbo Blogspot

Roux in the Gumbo

Author eTours, yet another great idea from Marguerite Press! Please visit the eTour sites listed above.

October eTour author was
Kevin Wayne Johnson!

November eTour authors were:
Joan Robertson
Barbara Custer
Yvonne Bridges

December eTour authors were:
Kim Robinson
Margie Gosa Shivers
Kathy J. Marsh

January 2007 eTour author was:
Electa Rome Parks

February 2007 eTour authors:
Dwan Abrams
Cherlyn Michaels
Sammie Ward

March 2007 eTour author:
Carlene D. Heeter

April 2007 eTour author:

May 2007 eTour author:
Kathy J. Marsh

June 2007 eTour authors:
Jazz Catrell
P.R. Hawkins
Joylynn Jossel

July 2007 eTour authors:
Dr. Debbie Lassiter
Pat G'Orge-Walker

August 2007 eTour author:
Delores Thornton

September 2007 eTour authors:
E.N. Joy
Deborah Slappey Pitts
T.H. Moore

October 2007 eTour author:
Darrell King

November 2007 eTour author:
Darn Oldham

December 2007 eTour author:
LaConnie Taylor-Jones

For more details on how YOU can be on eTour please send email to Marguerite Press Author eTours since 2006!


Delores Thornton, Voted "Queen of Promotion" by C&B Books of New York
Literary Expert at
Voted "Best Online Presence - 2006" by Nubian Literary Network

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Marchel Alverson, author of Savor the Sweetness

Marchel Alverson, author of Savor the Sweetness

There is an old adage; “Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer.” But what happens when your closest friend becomes your greatest enemy? Celeste Gray and Terri Hunter are best friends who seemingly have everything, including a “sacred” orange grove that connects them.

Thanks so much!

Delores Thornton

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Welcome Anita Hackley-Lambert

Anita Hackley-Lambert is the former President/CEO of a fifteen years old information technology and engineering services firm and currently founder of Hackley-Lambert Enterprises, Inc., an emerging portfolio of business opportunities, including HLE Publishing from which she has launched her new writing career.

Anita Hackley-Lambert has envisioned a career in writing ever since the age of twelve, when she wrote her first unpublished book, No Where to Run, a compelling story of sexual assaults she suffered beginning at age five. She was inspired to write the life story of F.H.M. Murray, because of a promise she made to her mother to acknowledge and honor Murrays legacy. With publication of this book, the author hopes to spark the interest of historians, educators, scholars, educational institutions, black history collectors, genealogists, students, and family members of this outstanding historical figure. Her greatest desire is that each reader will come to know the essence of the man, F.H.M. Murray.

Anita currently has 3 new books slated for publication in 2008, plus 12 works-in-progress. Her future writing projects include such genre as autobiographical, biographical, inspirational, true ghost stories, suspense, and fiction. Official author site:

How did you get into writing?

Actually, I wrote my first unpublished book when I was twelve. After seven years of sexual abuse, it was my way to stay connected to the real world. Those were painful years. It is a miracle I survived“ but that is a story for another book

After getting through a painful youth, I started my own information technology and engineering service company where I began writing technical documents and how-to manuals for the federal government.

When did you first know that you were a writer?

I just knew. After a near death experience in 1989, I started having dreams and vision and was prompted to write them down. After a few years, I realized I had material for several books. Then I began keeping detailed notes and writing. In retrospect, that was perhaps my first major step toward writing about things meaningful to me.

What prompted you to write “F.H.M. Murray: First Biography of a Forgotten Pioneer for Civil Justice?

I was inspired by a promise I made to my mother, who kept the memory of my great grandfather alive. Mother who was blinded by glaucoma, had a secret box packed with Grandpa Murray's papers. She gave me the seeds for my research and had me promise to write her grandfather's story.

F.H.M. Murray (public audience title) did so much for so many. He died in 1951 and was completely forgotten. In all he did he only wanted to be remembered in some small way.

I prepared my first draft and was later diagnosed with stage-three breast cancer. I continued my research and put the writing on hold. I refused radiation and chemo and turned to the Lord. Today, I am cancer free. I credit my strong faith in God who healed me so I could busy myself with research, validate family stories, and write the book.

How long did the book take to write?

Seems like a long time, due to the 10 years of research. However, once I settled down and began to write, it took only three months. I credit this quick push to finish to a 2005 Niagara Movement event I attended in West Virginia. I was encouraged to complete my book in time for the Centennial Commemoration of the Niagara Movement in 2006. I leaped at the opportunity. I knew this could bring maximum exposure to my great grandfather -- a founding member of the movement -- and exposure to my book.

Like my great grandfather, I wanted to self publish my book. I used a professional book editor and award-winning author for that. He was super and worked one-on-one with me and returned my manuscript in record-breaking time. Next, I had the manuscript reviewed by a professional proofreader.

What was unique about working on your book?

How I was able to show the true connection and relationship between Grandpa Murray and W.E.B. Du Bois. I was able to prove his loyalty and friendship to Du Bosi, and show how he got the shaft by Du Bois who used their friendship in self serving way to promote Du Bois own ambitions.

I learned that my great grandfather was uniquely amazing“ full of energy, a visionary, and a pioneer civil rights activist. It was difficult to understand how he had been overlooked. Further investigation revealed a possible clue F.H. M Murray was brutally honest, a no nonsense type of guy. He sought out the truth and used his newspaper business to speak out against the injustice of blacks by both white and black Americans. In the end, his stiffed neck approach seemed to have separated him from those who had once admired him.

What did you learn most?

I learned to connect to myself. It was a unique and beneficial experience for me. From the research through my grandpa's diaries I connected to myself“ actually learned that I was more like him“ explaining why I differed from my siblings.

By working closely with my editor and publishers, I learned a lot about writing and publishing. The insight taught me to appreciate the efforts of writers and of publishers, and taught me how to reduce mistakes in my next book. Another important lesson was to work my manuscripts to completion so that they can go through at least 3 edits and 3 proof readings.

Whats next?

Watch for my upcoming announcement of my new book entitled, Barry A. Murray: Biography in a New Dimension. This is an exciting story about one of this nations most radical newspaper publishers serving the District of Columbia. The twist is that Barry walked in the footsteps of F.H.M. Murray, the great grandfather he never knew. Barry was my cousin. I believe you will love it! I actually have 2 other books I hope to publish this year. After that, I can get down to writing and publishing my other twelve works-in-progress that include such genres as autobiographical, biographical, inspirational, true supernatural encounters, suspense, and fiction.


"Leave your tour in our hands!"