Monday, May 21, 2007

schedule for blogs so far

The Roux in the Gumbo Tour Schedule:

June 4 - Vicki M. Taylor
June 5 - The Writer's Life
June 8 - Boomer Chick
June 13 - Women on Writing
June 18 - The Book Pedler
June 20 - Gwynne's Sanctum
June 26 - The Wolf Never Sleeps
June 27 - Storycrafters
June 28 - Pump Up Your Book Promotion

come on people invite me to blog with you and I will invite you to blog with me


Dorothy said...

Kim, going to answer your email, but I wanted to tell you that all your tour stops aren't listed yet because we're waiting for confirmation, but I do have 4 more confirmed. I'll be redoing the schedule in another day or two.

Mizrepresent said...

Hey Girlfriend,

It's been a while, but please drop on by my blog, and consider yourself invited.


D. Dorce

Dee said...

Hey Kim,

Congratulations on your recent release. How's your blog tour going so far? Are folks hopping, skipping and jumping to the bookstore? I hope so.

Consider this an official invite to come blog my way.

You've got a choice of venues:

Check them out then give me a holler and I'll send a blogger invite for blogger accounts or registration info for WP.