Monday, September 24, 2007

The Triumph of My Soul


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Stories of Hope, Triumph and Inspiration.

From Author, Poet & Visionary, Elissa Gabrielle, comes a soul-stirring anthology that will touch your heart, feed your spirit, and strengthen your soul.

Every so often, an anthology is written that is meant to inspire and uplift; to fortify and nourish, to comfort and reassure, but most of all, to bring you closer to a place of peace and resolve.

This Christmas, The Triumph of My Soul releases. This anthology has stories for everyone who has ever experienced the ups and downs of life. Whether you're a parent who has lost a child, a man or woman who have been the victim of abuse, someone who has lost their identity in their love for another human being, survived a life-threatening illness, have been knocked down only to get back up time and time again…whatever your trial or tribulation, at the end there is Triumph.

Inspirational, prolific, heartfelt encouraging stories featuring Essence Best-selling author, Bill Holmes, Motivational Speaker & Talk Show Host, Cheryl Donovan, Best-selling author, Elissa Gabrielle, Karibu Best-Selling author Jessica Tilles, and College Professor and Ph.D. candidate, Dike Okoro, the highly-talented, Lorraine Elzia, the eye-opening Agnes B. Levine, the uplifting Fon James, the strong Jarold Imes, the provocative Kim Robinson, the magnificent Keshia Dawn, the sensitive Allyson Deese, the determined Linda R. Herman, the progressive Ebonee Monique, the comforting Jacqueline Moore, the survivor Linda Wattley, and the butterfly Casche Russell.

"The Triumph Of My Soul" by Elissa Gabrielle
"The Triumph of My Soul" is a story I hold near and dear to my heart. This story is meant to uplift and inspire. Too often, we are condemned, ridiculed and knocked down, time and time again. Many people will smile in our face, but we can't turn our backs to them. The beauty of life is that, no matter how many times we are knocked down, God will lift us up, if you believe Him and trust in His word. It's not about how you fall; its about the grace and dignity in how you rise."

“Julian's Grace" by Jessica Tilles
"Although my short story, "Julian's Grace" is fiction, it speaks straight to the heart. We must treasure each day we are blessed to be alive and well. Giving thanks to God for every breath we take."

"Word On The Street" by Jarold Imes
"As Contemporary Gospel & Christian Rap and Hip Hop grows, I felt the need to provide a story that would appeal to this audience. Having been a street/urban/hip-hop author and having written erotica, I know first hand what it's like for Christians who come from the streets that are my age trying to turn their lives around and give them up for Christ. Hopefully, readers saved and unsaved a like will understand that you don't have to come from a traditional church family to serve the Lord."

"A Test Of Faith" by Lorraine Elzia

“Our lives are inspiration, motivation and lessons for us to learn by. No person is given an experience just for the purpose of it happening, there is always a moral to be shared. It is our duty to share our endurances with others so that they may indulge in the delicacy of food for thought. I submitted to the Triumph for the Soul” anthology in an effort that someone might read my story and have an “Ah Ha! Moment”. It was my desire to try and reach at least one person with my words so that they too could test their faith.”

"A Stroke Of Purpose" by Keshia Dawn
"I believe in love and not necessarily just from man to woman, woman to man, but love for each other. There is so much hurt and pain in this world and I can figure that most of it comes from within the family. I honestly wanted to show that even though there is hurting yet and still in the family, there can also be healing. It just takes courage to be real. My motto, right is right and wrong is wrong. Loving unconditionally is right."

"A Mother, Her Son, And The Father" by Fon James
I was inspired to write the short story, A Mother, Her Son and The Father, after a close friend of mine experienced the loss of her only son. Even though her son was murdered, she stood strong and declared the name of Jesus, and even showed strength at his funeral by standing up to personally speak a Godly word to his friends who were angry and wanted to retaliate against the suspected murderer. One young man even turned his life over to Christ at the funeral. I saw God comfort her during that terrible time of uncertainty and bereavement. I saw God give her a peace that surpassed all understanding of why it happened. I see the victorious triumph she continues to experience everyday through her faith in God. It further confirms that when we have God on our sides, we are truly triumphant.

"Death At A Church" by Jacqueline Moore
"As a Christian Author, I am always looking new avenues to explore. When I saw the call for submission, I was intrigued so much that I actually issued a challenge in one of my online writing groups. One other member answered my challenge, Lorraine Eliza. I was thrilled when I learned that her story was accepted. I wouldn't learn until weeks later that my story had also been accepted. My story originated from a writing prompt."

"Discovering The Joy Within" by Allyson Deese
"My inspiration behind "Discovering the Joy Within," is that I wanted to help another woman to not go through the pain and the hurt that I went through at such a young age. I wanted to impower someone else to be strong and overcome their hurt and pain. I also felt that the story of my innocent babies needed to be told."

"Doors" by Ebonee Monique
"I wrote "Doors" in about ten minutes and it is, still, one of my favorite stories. I closed my eyes and visualized this woman and her struggle for love. I know this fictional character in every day life. She's my neighbor, she's the cashier where I shop, she's my professor, she's the single mother, she's the married woman...she's me. So many times, we get so caught up in trying to please the "man" in our lives that we neglect The Man in our hearts. Doors represents the change and the light at the end of the tunnel, that so many women desire to see."

"I'm Still Here" by Kim Robinson
"I submitted my story to The Triumph of My Soul because I know that my testimony can help others."

"He Loves Us, Always" by Linda Wattley
"I was inspired to share my story because of the foundation "The Triumph of My Soul" represented. It gave me an opportunity to testify about the power of God. Today I face a struggle challenging my faith in God but He reminded me, I have faced greater challenges in my life than this and He did not forsake me and will not forsake me now. When you get the victory in life, you qualilfy to impart it to others that they too can rise above adversity. It is an honor to SHARE the spirit of VICTORY!"

"Marathon" by Bill Holmes
"I was inspired by the combination of the Biblical verse 1 Corinthians 9:24; my desire to run long distance; and Don Henley’s New York Minute, a song about appreciating the blessings in our life. I listened repeatedly to the song while writing the short story to create an emotional, mental and physical connection with my characters Alex and Cynthia so I could feel and capture their frustrations into my words. Without giving too much away, it was a challenge to write Marathon because it addresses the aftermath and possible effect the Iraq war has had on the U.S. soldiers and their families. I’m proud of my contribution to The Triumph of My Soul, but I’d be a liar if I didn’t admit there’s more I want to tell about my characters and their story."

"One Woman's Journey" by Linda R. Herman
"Answering the submissions call for TRIUMPH gave me the opportunity to work with an amazing author and poet, Elissa Gabrielle. I felt that writing an inspirational piece was a challenge that I was ready to confront head on. Though my story, "One Woman's Journey" is fictional, I know that there are many 'Ambers' (my main character) in the world losing their identities in the shadows of a man. Through the words of my story I wanted to remind readers of Exodus 20:3 and just how important it is to ALWAYS put God first. To quote a beautiful song, 'Can't nobody do me like Jesus.' "

"The Ministry Of Motherhood" by Cheryl Donovan
"The Triumph of My Soul" was an opportunity for me to share with other women, the struggles that I had endured as a teen mom. I wanted them to see that their current circumstance doesn't necessarily dictate their future circumstances. My message is that faith, determination, and perserverance can bring you through the storms of life and allow you to experience a triumph of the soul."

"The Vanilla Room" by Agnes B. Levine
"Inside that vanilla room in the psychiatric ward, the supernatural experience and deliverance from God inspired me to write it as my truest testimony to give God the glory and inspire others to overcome their trials knowing God is real. The submission call for The Triumph of My Soul was my epiphany that my story was timeless and transcending."

"When You Least Expect" by Dike Okoro
"There is no doubt in my mind that my Christian background was chiefly responsible for my decision to write When You Least Expect. I was deeply moved and touched by the title of the proposed anthology and the idea behind the call for submission. On the creative front, I think historical memory and my personal and local concerns for national, universal, and human issues inspired the penning of the story."

"Breaking The Chains Of Abuse" by Casche Russell
"I wanted everyone to know that with the help of God, you can break the chains of abuse. God never gives us more than we can bear."

Ebonee Monique

Kim Robinson

Linda Wattley

Bill Holmes

Linda R. Herman

Cheryl Donovan

Agnes B. Levine

Dike Okoro

Casche Russell

Monday, September 3, 2007

Please welcome Shawna Moore

Writing Through Life

Many thanks to my author friend, Kim, for this guest blog invitation. One of the topics I’ve mulled recently is how to balance the pursuit of creativity with the difficult issues and dilemmas life tosses at me. When I embarked on a full-time career in writing, I had some idea of what lay ahead. Lots of hard work. A dedication to improving my craft. Constant attention to the market and what was selling and what was not. Budgeting time for the business side of writing once publication happened. Staying in touch with readers and keeping them current on my fiction releases and works in progress. Etc.

But no matter how many times I assessed the time I’d allocated to my writing against the time I dealt with other life issues, I found each day forced me to reassess how I approached my juggling of these balls and balancing of the demands. Needless to say, on certain days one or more of the balls dropped, but I had to make sure I gathered up any fallen and paid closer attention to keeping the same in the air the next day and the days following.

Aside from focusing on my writing, researching, promotion, editing and cyber communication for 8-10 hours at least five days a week, I had other responsibilities and events that threatened to cripple my creativity—some threatening to cripple it permanently. But as with anything in life we love and love doing, I decided to step back from the creative process over my vacation and give myself a break from the balancing act.

Funny thing happened. Although some would have surrendered, I’ve stuck it out. After only two days on vacation, I started missing my writing time at the computer. On several pages of a magazine I’d brought along for reading during our flights, I jotted notes for a new story. A couple days later, I attended a writer’s conference and quickly became caught up in the swell of activity and camaraderie of fellow authors. As I returned to the hotel room after dining with some friends the first night of the conference, I sat down and chatted with my husband about how it was impossible for me to stay away from writing for very long. Writing is a passion. It’s something I can’t purge from my life no matter how many demands, frustrations, setbacks and emergencies are otherwise flung my way.

Life is great, but life is also tough. It puts many obstacles in our paths, but we mustn’t allow them to deter us from fulfilling our goals and doing our best to make our dreams become reality. Realize there will be times you will have to forego certain pursuits temporarily in favor of others. But never, ever let your dreams slip away. Go after what you love. Pursue it with passion. Dare to make your dreams become reality.

Shawna Moore

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