Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Author of one of the best downlow books I have ever read

The Seduction of Mr. Bradley

A Novel by Minnie E Miller

Copyright © 2005

ISBN 13: 978-0-9722013-2-2

ISBN 10: 0-9722013-2-7

The book is set in Chicago and New York, between 2002 to 2004. Most of the businesses mentioned were ongoing when I wrote the novel. Using places I'm familiar with grounds me, and helps to "show" the reader the atmosphere surrounding my characters.

Jina Cook is a novelist who needs a public relations representative and she finds him in Bill Bradley who is handsome, well spoken and smart. The two feel an instant attraction towards each other but both try to pretend it is not happening. Finally, Jina makes the first move and Bill knows he can’t live without this woman. Unfortunately, Bill has a big secret; he is bisexual and finds himself torn between Jina and Ted, his male lover. Ted is not only his lover but his father figure and the man who rescued Bill when he felt the desperate need for love. He was there for him when he graduated from college, too, to mentor him. Bill’s father disappeared when he was quite young and he has always longed for a father and Ted fills that position. Ted also backs his budding PR business and helps him with the business. Bill’s decision is tough. Will he drop Ted, despite all the guilt he feels at doing so? Or will he drop Jina? Deep inside he knows he wants a regular life with a wife and children but guilt makes him think twice.

Short Bio

Minnie E. Miller is a native of Hyde Park, Chicago, though she has lived in many cities over the past thirty years. She has been an activist as well as a writer since the age of eighteen. You may wonder why she moved from the paranormal to commercial/romance fiction. All of Miller's stories touch on political issues in metaphor; even her vampire characters in Catharsis are activists. Her latest novel, The Seduction of Mr. Bradley, is a contemporary, political statement on humankind.

Her books are available through minnie247@sbcglobal.net; on her website at www.millerscribs.com; on justbookz.com/; on amazon.com; and barnesandnoble.com.

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msprissy said...

Kim, thank you for featuring my novel. Hello, my friends. I'm pleased to present The Seduction of Mr. Bradley for your pleasure. Mr. Bradley is quite an interesting charactor. His story is written in his POV. If you've read my novel, I'd like to know that you think.