Saturday, December 29, 2007

What I plan to accomplish in 2008

My focus for this year is to start my own publishing company and get some good media people to help me get my books out there in front of the public.
Streetlife to Housewife; my life story, does not hold anything back. I don't pull any punches in describing the things that I have survived in my life and how I am using my experiences to help others today.
Had someone told me two decades ago that I would be a writer, and speaking in churches I would have told them they were crazy. Actually a few people did tell me that God was going to use me to help others and I cursed them out.
I did not believe in or want anything to do with God thanks to a preacher that raped me at the age of five. I was in my mid thirties and in rehab for a cocaine addiction when I found out that the preacher had nothing to do with God.
Today I can't say his name enough and everything that I write is going to help people know that they can survive just like I did.
Find your purpose for being here and accomplish it. With God's help nothing can stop you.