Thursday, June 14, 2007

Join me in welcoming Vicki M. Taylor

Vickie Taylor on my blog Vicki how did you began writing?

I've always written something, even from when I was a child. I like writing in journals and I still do that today. As a career, I wrote technical computer user manuals for fifteen years. But, writing fiction full time didn't start until around 1999. I love to write. I enjoy the written word. It's one of my favorite forms of communication. I've had stories in me for a long time. I just let them come out when they're ready.

When did you decide to make it as a published author?

In 1999, through a set of unforeseen circumstances, I was given the opportunity to write fiction full time. That's when I knew I would publish my work. How was another story!

2. What is your writing schedule like?

Not really concrete, but I try to write something every day. I write mostly in the afternoons, I feel more energized during that time.

Included in my writing time, I edit, critique, promote, and market. Lots to do when you're publishing books.


Are any off your books faction journaling your own life?

My first book, "Forever Until We Meet" is a compilation of a lot of different women's stories about meeting men on the computer and what can happen afterwards. Sometimes good. Sometimes not so good. A part of me is in that book.

4. What are the hardships of the writing industry for you?

Marketing and Promotion. Two big toughies for me. I know I have to do something every day, but I still can't seem to fit it into my schedule _every day_. I'm not a real "social" person, and I'm more comfortable behind my computer screen in my office writing than I am visiting bookstores, pushing my books, or standing at a table at the front of a store hoping people will come over and buy my book. I don't mind speaking to groups. I enjoy that kind of social connection. There, I'm just talking. I'm not saying "buy my book."

What are your most successful marketing campaigns?

When I was on the Fictionwise's bestseller list for "Trust in the Wind"

I blasted the news all over the Internet. Press Releases. Group announcements. Forum discussions. It worked. I got a lot of sales out of a week of pushing hard. Have a presence. Be visible. Be memorable.

Where do you see your literary career in five years?

Hopefully, I'll still be writing. I see myself as a well-known women's fiction author with a solid sell through on my way to writing the next bestselling book. I also see myself continuing to help other writers in some format or other.

Kim, it was great visiting your site today. Thanks for the questions they were thought provoking.

Vicki M. Taylor

Real Women. Real Life.

Thank you so much for stopping in Vicki

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