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Welcome Anita Hackley-Lambert

Anita Hackley-Lambert is the former President/CEO of a fifteen years old information technology and engineering services firm and currently founder of Hackley-Lambert Enterprises, Inc., an emerging portfolio of business opportunities, including HLE Publishing from which she has launched her new writing career.

Anita Hackley-Lambert has envisioned a career in writing ever since the age of twelve, when she wrote her first unpublished book, No Where to Run, a compelling story of sexual assaults she suffered beginning at age five. She was inspired to write the life story of F.H.M. Murray, because of a promise she made to her mother to acknowledge and honor Murrays legacy. With publication of this book, the author hopes to spark the interest of historians, educators, scholars, educational institutions, black history collectors, genealogists, students, and family members of this outstanding historical figure. Her greatest desire is that each reader will come to know the essence of the man, F.H.M. Murray.

Anita currently has 3 new books slated for publication in 2008, plus 12 works-in-progress. Her future writing projects include such genre as autobiographical, biographical, inspirational, true ghost stories, suspense, and fiction. Official author site:

How did you get into writing?

Actually, I wrote my first unpublished book when I was twelve. After seven years of sexual abuse, it was my way to stay connected to the real world. Those were painful years. It is a miracle I survived“ but that is a story for another book

After getting through a painful youth, I started my own information technology and engineering service company where I began writing technical documents and how-to manuals for the federal government.

When did you first know that you were a writer?

I just knew. After a near death experience in 1989, I started having dreams and vision and was prompted to write them down. After a few years, I realized I had material for several books. Then I began keeping detailed notes and writing. In retrospect, that was perhaps my first major step toward writing about things meaningful to me.

What prompted you to write “F.H.M. Murray: First Biography of a Forgotten Pioneer for Civil Justice?

I was inspired by a promise I made to my mother, who kept the memory of my great grandfather alive. Mother who was blinded by glaucoma, had a secret box packed with Grandpa Murray's papers. She gave me the seeds for my research and had me promise to write her grandfather's story.

F.H.M. Murray (public audience title) did so much for so many. He died in 1951 and was completely forgotten. In all he did he only wanted to be remembered in some small way.

I prepared my first draft and was later diagnosed with stage-three breast cancer. I continued my research and put the writing on hold. I refused radiation and chemo and turned to the Lord. Today, I am cancer free. I credit my strong faith in God who healed me so I could busy myself with research, validate family stories, and write the book.

How long did the book take to write?

Seems like a long time, due to the 10 years of research. However, once I settled down and began to write, it took only three months. I credit this quick push to finish to a 2005 Niagara Movement event I attended in West Virginia. I was encouraged to complete my book in time for the Centennial Commemoration of the Niagara Movement in 2006. I leaped at the opportunity. I knew this could bring maximum exposure to my great grandfather -- a founding member of the movement -- and exposure to my book.

Like my great grandfather, I wanted to self publish my book. I used a professional book editor and award-winning author for that. He was super and worked one-on-one with me and returned my manuscript in record-breaking time. Next, I had the manuscript reviewed by a professional proofreader.

What was unique about working on your book?

How I was able to show the true connection and relationship between Grandpa Murray and W.E.B. Du Bois. I was able to prove his loyalty and friendship to Du Bosi, and show how he got the shaft by Du Bois who used their friendship in self serving way to promote Du Bois own ambitions.

I learned that my great grandfather was uniquely amazing“ full of energy, a visionary, and a pioneer civil rights activist. It was difficult to understand how he had been overlooked. Further investigation revealed a possible clue F.H. M Murray was brutally honest, a no nonsense type of guy. He sought out the truth and used his newspaper business to speak out against the injustice of blacks by both white and black Americans. In the end, his stiffed neck approach seemed to have separated him from those who had once admired him.

What did you learn most?

I learned to connect to myself. It was a unique and beneficial experience for me. From the research through my grandpa's diaries I connected to myself“ actually learned that I was more like him“ explaining why I differed from my siblings.

By working closely with my editor and publishers, I learned a lot about writing and publishing. The insight taught me to appreciate the efforts of writers and of publishers, and taught me how to reduce mistakes in my next book. Another important lesson was to work my manuscripts to completion so that they can go through at least 3 edits and 3 proof readings.

Whats next?

Watch for my upcoming announcement of my new book entitled, Barry A. Murray: Biography in a New Dimension. This is an exciting story about one of this nations most radical newspaper publishers serving the District of Columbia. The twist is that Barry walked in the footsteps of F.H.M. Murray, the great grandfather he never knew. Barry was my cousin. I believe you will love it! I actually have 2 other books I hope to publish this year. After that, I can get down to writing and publishing my other twelve works-in-progress that include such genres as autobiographical, biographical, inspirational, true supernatural encounters, suspense, and fiction.


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author said...

Hi Everyone
Welcome to my Virtual Book Tour stop at The Roux in the Gumbo. I am excite to be here.

I would love to address your questions and comments about my 10+ year research and writing journey. There are many exciting stories within stories in the life and legacy of F.H.M. Murray.

In fact, there are great lessons to learn from the man. His "enlarged vision model" is time tested and proven to work for anyone willing to dream BIG and work hard to realize their dreams and rise above their circumstance.

Hope to hear from you soon.

Anita Hackley-Lambert
F.H.M. Murray: First Biography of a Forgotten Pioneer for Civil Justice

Shelia said...

Hi Kim, just dropping by to see what's new on your blog. Good interviews and good luck on your new publishing ventures.